AOC has today announced a price increase up to 35 % (depending on chemistry) for its entire Neoxil Sizings & Binders product portfolio sold in EMEA, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

The price increase will take effect on June 1st , or as soon as contracts allow. “The availability of key raw materials from our contract suppliers has been severely hampered and we are continuing to have to resort to other, significantly more expensive, sources. Also logistics and packaging costs have been increasing steadily.


This leaves us no choice but to further raise the prices of our products as a result, realizing that supply can continue to be somewhat irregular given these additional supply routes”, explains Fons Harbers, Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA of AOC. “AOC is stepping up its efforts to further strengthen its global leadership position in Sizings & Binders, providing customers with high quality products and security of supply. We will do our utmost to meet the demands of our customers and support their business growth.”


About Neoxil AOC is actively growing its presence around the world in supplying Neoxil® Sizings & Binders to manufacturers of glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforcements. The company has a 40+ year track record of working with customers to optimize their sizing and binder formulations, and to help end customers in achieving excellent material performance in their molded parts and components. Consequently, over this time period AOC has earned its position as quality and innovation leader in Sizings & Binders.


AOC is actively involved in the development of dedicated sizing solutions for carbon fibers for use in high end composite construction laminates (e.g. in next generation wind spar caps, hydrogen storage tanks, and high temperature thermoplastics), taking full advantage of AOC’s extended expertise in Vinyl ester resins